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Cardinal XO bowl - 6”
Cardinal XO bowl - 6”

Cardinal XO bowl - 6”

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Cardinals hold a special place in this world. They are so magical!

I hand build the bowls using little loafers clay. It is half stoneware half porcelain. Then, using clay I've colored black, I print the birds. This Cardinal is a pen and ink drawing of mine.

Each piece is glaze fired to 2200 degrees.



6” in diameter
1 1/2 inch tall


Dishwasher safe or hand wash

Food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven proof! Treat like a pyrex dish. Eat off of it and enjoy!


Please allow 3 weeks for shipping. If you are in a hurry, contact me. I should have some in stock!


Larger orders welcome! These make great wedding favors, birthday gifts/ favors/ and aniversary gifts.
Wholesale orders welcome also.

Please contact me via email for larger custom orders.

Thank you for supporting my small batch business!